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About Send me to outer space

who am I, and whats the mission involve?


Hi, my names Nick, I'm 30years old and live in London, England and work with computers making websites.

I still dream of traveling to space

The Mission

I'm hoping to raise enough money to travel out into space

This would involve booking a seat on Virgin Galatic's new spacecraft called 'white Knight two' as a 'Pioneer Astronaught'

The flight would leave from thier epic new spaceport in 'Las Cruces, New Mexico'

A seat on the trip costs $250,000USD or around 160,000GBP if you're in the UK

The Problem

Unfortunatly, I don't have a trust fund, make Hollywood movies, or own any Yachts I could sell.

This Huge amount of money I might never be able to raise

So I started this site, for us, the dreamers

Who belieave the impossible can happen, that a regular guy from the public can make it to space!

If you enjoyed this site, or projects, and or if you just like the idea of launching me off the planet! Then please support me and Donate towards the total, every donation counts

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