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Send me to outer space

Welcome to send me to outerspace! to see if a regular guy can make it off the planet!

Most nights while out for some air, i look up and gaze at the night sky

Ever Since an early age I've been facinated by the wonders of space

and wondered about exploring there. To be out in our galaxy and fly around amoungst the stars! Awesome!

After growing up graduating and getting a job...

I forgot about exploring space...

Then one day I discovered some people making the impossible happen

Virgin Galatic

Thier planning to make space filgts available to the public!

This site hopes to fulfill a dream, by raising enough money to travel on Virgin Galatic

it would let me travel out amounst the stars and be in space!

It's a lot per seat at $250,000 us dollars or £160,000 British pounds, but i hope to prove myself a worthy cause, with Projects Investigating, creating experiments, and learning about space and space travel

With you're help and donations you really can send me to outer space!

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